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Merino Wool

Chunky Yarn Merino Wool Merino Yarn Yarn for chunky blanket

Our Chunky blanket and pillows are made with 100% Merino Wool.

Merino wool is gathered from the ancient breed of Merino sheep. Their wool is both lightweight and insulating and hypoallergenic, making it unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It remains warm even when wet, regulates body temperature (thanks to its natural breath-ability) and wicks away moisture — creating the perfect wool yarn for super chunky knit blankets that are ideal for year-round use!

This wool is very soft and warm. They huge, cover-you-in-delicious-comfort, chunky knit wool blankets that feature magnified stitches with the alluring appearance of cloudy softness.

Made with Love, 

Nata Home and Fashion

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